Startup Weekend Groningen 16/17/18 november

Het Kwadraat Lübeckweg 2 9723HE Groningen
Van 00:00 tot

Pitch your ideas, form teams and turn that idea into a business in no more than 54 hours! Startup Weekend is an event that creates a perfect environment for smart and active learners. Throughout this weekend, developers, designers, business and industry experts will come together to learn what it takes to start a company and learn about entrepreneurship in a hands-on way. For the people that have never participated at Startup Weekend, we’ll give a brief explanation of the weekend below.

  • On Friday, all participants arrive at Het Kwadraat, the location of Startup Weekend 2018. There will be time for everybody to get to know each other and eat dinner. After that, there will be 60-second pitches and teams will form around the most popular ideas. Remember: it is not required to pitch, but we’ll definitely encourage you to do so!
  • On Saturday, teams will work on their ideas. Groups will go out to validate their ideas, build prototypes and define their business model. There will also be feedback moments by our experienced coaches.
  • On Sunday, teams will have time to work until mid-afternoon. After that, there will be time to wrap up your prototype, practise your presentation and have dinner. In the evening, all teams will present their work and receive valuable feedback from a panel of judges. The winning teams will be provided with prizes to help launch their company.

Which ticket should you buy?

We recommend you to purchase the ticket that best represents your skill set or the area you want to develop yourself in. More information about the ticket types can be found when selecting your ticket. Please refrain from buying a cheaper ticket in another role, if you do not plan on fulfilling that role during the weekend. We’re trying to create a good balance in skillsets during the weekend. If you are unsure which ticket you should buy, you can contact the organizing team to help you out.

What is included in this ticket?

  • Access to the weekend-long event
  • Food and drinks throughout the whole weekend
  • Feedback from expert coaches
  • An opportunity to pitch your idea in front of an experienced jury
  • Workshops from different partners
  • A goodie bag
  • An awesome afterparty

Why should you join?

Startup Weekend is perfect for all the people out here that have a great idea, for those that wonder what it would take to be an entrepreneur or for people that just want to learn more about startups. Participating is also a great way to expand your network and learn new skills.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the team at

Refund Policy: No refunds will be granted within 7 days of the event if food and drink have already been ordered. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Terms of Participation Agreement: It is our job to provide you with an incredible networking and learning opportunity. Our intention is that you meet some amazing people that you might actually start a company with, build relationships with coaches, and learn from your peers. The event is intended to be a collaborative forum for sharing, learning, building, and having fun. As such, by registering as a participant, you acknowledge that any ideas shared by you or anyone else over the course of the event are contributions to the overall experience and community. If you as a participant are worried about someone stealing your ideas, please reconsider your participation in the event itself or simply refrain from sharing specifics about your idea.

As a member of your startup community, you agree to be inclusive of any and all people and their ideas. You agree to act professionally, treat everyone with respect, and treat the event facilities with proper care. You agree that you are responsible for any accidents or damages that you cause. You also agree to not hold Techstars Startup Weekend, your local volunteer team, or any of the event supporters liable for any loss, damage, injury, or any other unforeseeable incident.

By Participating at the event, you grant Techstars Startup Weekend permission to capture photo/video of the event. You can find the exact legal terms on our FAQ Page but to summarize, we want to share your success with the world.

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